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We are creating a safety net, will you help?

As you know, Hulme has always been a place where children are cherished and once a child arrives here, we hope and expect them to be with us until adulthood.  Sometimes families experience catastrophic changes in circumstances, which means they struggle to keep up with school fees.  

When this happens, the School does everything in its power to support those families through the hard times.  They are families who entrusted their child’s education to Hulme and invested their family funds in that education, and we want to make sure that we fulfil a promise to the child that their education will not be interrupted despite an extreme and unfortunate event.

The Covid pandemic created circumstances such as these for many families, and whilst this is largely behind us, we still have families who find themselves in this unenviable position of hardship due to unexpected events such as redundancy or the death of a parent.

We aim to raise £25,000

Whilst circumstances like this are thankfully rare, we have families every year who experience temporary loss of income and sadly in recent years we have had several students lose a parent.  This has highlighted a need for us to grow a permanent Hardship Fund, to be used to help families who have suffered a misfortune that has adversely and significantly affected their finances.  We want to remove at least one worry from these children and families, which, whilst it won’t diminish the grief or other issues they will be working through, will provide some reassurance about their child’s education.

The Hardship Fund will be used for existing students who run the risk of having to leave school due to a change in financial circumstances that have been beyond their family’s reasonable control.

Can you help us help those students?  Our aim is to raise £25,000 in the first instance.  This will allow us to support students to complete their GCSE or A level course already started. We wish the need for such a fund did not exist, but with the generosity of alumni and friends of school, we know we can make this happen and make a real difference to genuinely deserving students.

Thank you for considering helping in this way.

Donating online couldn’t be simpler. Click above, choose to make a single or regular donation, and then choose the ‘Hardship Fund’ appeal when prompted.