A range of scholarships are available to candidates applying to study at Hulme Grammar School.

Year 7 Scholarship Programmes 2024

A Hulme Grammar School education is deliberately broad and balanced. We are unapologetically academic: our superbly well-qualified teachers know students well and small class sizes mean that in every lesson teachers support pupils to achieve their very best by means of stretch, challenge and support. We are not a hot-house though, and we are equally committed to providing students with access to the widest range of extra-curricular activities, alongside our robust pastoral care provision and personal development opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh award and the hugely popular Combined Cadet Force. In sending their children here, parents and carers are signing up for an education that fosters the growth and development of the whole child.

As such, we delight in supporting students to attain excellence in as wide a range of disciplines as possible. To better support this aim, we have decided to extend our Scholarship provision with the introduction of a number of new scholarships which will be available to students joining us in Year 7 in September 2024.

The application and interview process for each discipline is different, allowing applicants to showcase their talent in, and enthusiasm for, individual areas. Candidates are welcome to apply for up to two scholarships.

Much of the vibrancy of our community comes from the outstanding contribution our students make towards these disciplines, and the school provides exceptional opportunities for talented students to develop their skills and grow their enthusiasm alongside others who share their passion.

Next steps

Candidates are invited to complete our Scholarship application form, indicating the Scholarship they wish to apply for (a maximum of 2 applications can be made). Candidates will then be invited to interview and will be reminded of the expectations for their interview. All candidates who have applied will be interviewed by a member of staff as well as the head of department for the relevant scholarship they have applied for. Heads of departments will then make a decision on who will gain the award(s).

Students who wish to apply for any Year 7 Hulme Scholarship can apply via this form, telling us why they are interested in applying for a scholarship, how they would benefit from what it has to offer and why they think this can make a difference to their future. The deadline for applications is December 1st 2023.

Year 12 Scholarships Programme 2024

The Hulme Sixth Form Scholarship programme represents a unique and tailored approach to fostering educational excellence. Our scholarships are designed around individual interests, recognising and nurturing the distinct passions and ambitions of our students. Each scholarship is tailored to align with the general areas of interest and potential of the recipients, creating a dynamic, stimulating and academically challenging experience.

These scholarships go beyond the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to education. Instead, they embrace the diverse range of talents, curiosities, and aspirations that students bring to the table. Here’s a closer look at how the Hulme Sixth Form Scholarships are structured to provide a transformative educational experience:

  • Personalised Scholarships: Our scholarships are tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. Whether you’re passionate about science, the arts, sports, or any other field, we have a scholarship designed just for you.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond academic excellence, these scholarships also focus on fostering holistic development. This means addressing not only academic needs but also personal growth, character development, and community engagement.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Each scholarship recipient is paired with experienced mentors who provide valuable guidance and support throughout their educational journey. This mentorship goes beyond academics, helping students navigate life’s challenges and make informed decisions about their future.
  • Diverse Areas of Interest: The scholarships are categorised around general areas of interest, encompassing a wide array of fields. This ensures that students from various backgrounds and with different passions find a scholarship that resonates with their goals.
  • Flexible Learning Pathways: We understand that every student’s path to success is unique. That’s why our scholarships offer flexible learning pathways, accommodating different learning styles and paces.

Next Steps

Students who wish to apply for any Sixth Form Hulme Scholarship can apply via this form, telling us why they are interested in applying for a scholarship, how they would benefit from what it has to offer and why they think this can make a difference to their future. The deadline for applications is December 1st 2023.

GCSE Results Awards

The school welcomes applications from high achieving external candidates. Sixth Form scholarships will be awarded to candidates achieving in excess of 7 GCSE grades 7-9.

Students meeting this threshold will receive a minimum annual reduction in fees for each grade 9 £300, grade 8 £225 and grade 7 £150. These Sixth Form scholarships are awarded regardless of parental income, are minimum values and are available to existing students of the school and external applicants.

Scholarships will not require annual testing of parental means but will be conditional on the performance of the pupil and the parents’/guardians’ support for the School.