Why Hulme

Our History

The history of the first Oldham Grammar School falls into three parts: from its foundation in 1611, through a rise and decline separated by the industrial revolution, a reconstitution in 1895 where it stands today and finally an amalgamation of the boys’ and girls’ schools in 2006.


The factual history of the school dates from the Deed of May 6th, 1606, when James Assheton of Chadderton “having considered that the virtuous education of youth in learning and good manners is an inestimable benefit to the commonwealth”, granted one half-acre of land in a field called Kiln Croft for the erection of “one convenient free School” for the teaching of boys in the English, Latin and Greek tongues and in good manners withal”.

Our Archive Team

Our archive team is made up of volunteers who have a keen interest in history and are alumni of Hulme. They are piecing together the various documents and artefacts we have in store with a view to bringing the history of our school to life. Our archive team comprises:

Ian Holt (Hulme 1955 – 1962) – Retired Head of Physics and Hulme Archivist

Margaret Castleton (Hulme 1984 – 2002) – Retired teacher of Art and Ceramics

David Moore (Hulme 1947 – 1954) – Retired Bursar

Lynne Banister (Former Hulme parent 2007 – 2014)

Liz Headon (Hulme 1960-1967)

To contact the archive team, please email archive@hulmegrammar.org

Our archive website can be found at https://www.hulmegrammar.org//ArchiveWebPages/archivehome.html