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GCSE Results 2023

Oldham Hulme Grammar School students and staff are celebrating another year of fantastic GCSE results.

Principal of Oldham Hulme Grammar School, Tony Oulton remarked “We are massively proud of our Year 11s who have achieved brilliant grades in their GCSE exams this year. The headline figures are impressive: nearly half of the grades were grades 9-7 and 72% were grades 6-9. 11% of the year group of 90 received all grades 7 and above and just over a third of the group achieved grades 6 and above in all their GCSEs.

As always, today we are celebrating the individual successes that sit behind those headline figures and we are delighted that our students’ hard work and determination to succeed has paid off.

At Hulme, we pride ourselves on offering a broad and balanced curriculum and this is reflected in the range of departments who have supported students to get stellar results in this GCSE exam cycle: in Chemistry, 78% of grades were 9-7, closely followed by Biology (69% 7-9 grades), French (67% 7-9 grades), Religious Studies (68% 7-9 grades) and Physics (65% 7-9 grades).

Hulme is a school where our brilliant teachers and outstanding pastoral support team ensure that, whatever their passions and strengths, students are given the tools to be their most successful selves. I want to take this opportunity to thank the teachers, the pastoral team, the exams team and all those staff who have supported students behind the scenes. Today’s results are something we can all be proud of. “

Ameera Alam, who achieved an incredible nine 9s in her GCSEs, and is staying at Hulme to continue her studies in Biology, Chemistry, History and RS said “I didn’t expect to get full 9s but I feel like all my hard work has paid off! I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends and I feel ready to start sixth form.”

Kai McBorza, who’s also staying at Hulme to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and PE at A Level, was really happy about his results too, stating “I was surprised by a couple of my results, but in a good way, I got a couple of 8s where I thought I would get a 7. It’s been nice seeing my friends and getting our results together, we’re a bit competitive and it’s nice to have come out on top this time.”


A Level Results 2023

Oldham Hulme Grammar School students and staff are celebrating another year of fantastic A-Level results.

Principal of Oldham Hulme Grammar School, Tony Oulton remarked “We are hugely proud of the class of 2023 and utterly delighted with this set of results. The headlines are hugely impressive: 63% of grades were A* to B and over a fifth of the cohort received at least 3 A* to A grades.

More important to us are the individual successes and achievements that lie behind those brilliant statistics and our warmest congratulations go to all our students whose tenacity and hard work have won them their grades. They leave Hulme with our admiration and very best wishes.

As well as celebrating the successes of our students, I also want to thank subject teachers and the Pastoral team, the exam team and the many other staff behind the scenes whose dedication to supporting our students to be their best and achieve their best is unwavering.

The breadth of universities our students have secured places at and the range of courses they will be studying – Medicine to Economics, Physics to Rural Enterprise and Land Management – is testament to the broad and balanced education Hulme offers and to our amazing ability to support all students whatever their ambition and aspiration.”

Libby, a student who has been at Hulme for her entire life in education, was really excited about her results, saying “I’m studying Marketing and Management at Newcastle. I’m so happy, I got higher results than I was expecting! I’ve been at Hulme all the way through my education, I’m really glad I stayed for Sixth Form as it’s such a nice school.”

Rajjan, who got 3A*s and an A and will be heading off to study Medicine at the University of Manchester said “It was a privilege to study here at Hulme, the facilities are incredible, the teachers are fantastic and it’s such a close knit community. I’m ecstatic that I’ll be heading to the University of Manchester to study Medicine.”