Senior School Students Perform At Oldham Coliseum

On Monday 27th February at 7.00pm senior school students are performing on the main stage at our Oldham Coliseum Showcase, thanks to our ongoing partnership with the theatre. 

Our GCSE and A Level students, our Drama Clubs and our LAMDA students will take to the stage for one night only (with thanks to Wildthings Performing Arts and Hilary Boon for their support).

Raising money for our school charities, we are looking for an audience at £5.00 a seat to this variety show aimed at ages 11+ to showcase our students’ acting talents. 

There will be a mixture of scripted and their own work and casting directors and agents will be in attendance for those looking for early career opportunities.

Now in her fifth year teaching at Hulme, alumna Head of Drama Stephanie Eckhardt has big plans for the future of Drama at the school.

The number of students opting for the subject has grown by 51 per cent in the last two years, with students obtaining the highest grades in performance and design at GCSE. 

Now a more academic subject since the revision of GCSEs in 2016, A Level Drama and Theatre is accepted at top universities and the transferable skills are attractive to both students and employers. 

If anyone would like to discuss the possibility of investing in our school performance facilities, we would be grateful of any support. Steph is also working on a project to electronically archive the school show VHS videos discovered in the staff room, including her own performance of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady in 1999. Please email her if you would like to get involved.

We also look forward to also seeing you at the School Production of ‘Billy Elliot’ which takes place 22-25th March 2023 where Steph Eckhardt and Head of Year 9 Lorraine Cowan are co-directing for the first time. The school is very grateful to Mrs Travis and Miss McCarrick who dedicated many years to the school productions.

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