Episode 14 – Overseas Trips at Oldham Hulme

Welcome to The Hulme Podcast, where we sit down with people from our community and discover what makes Oldham Hulme Grammar School the special place that it is. Alongside our teaching staff, students, alumni and parents, we discuss the topics that really matter to us and delve deep into the heart of our school.

Today we’re talking about school overseas trips. Our students have the opportunity to travel to practice their foreign language skills and experience first-hand the culture, customs, and politics of other countries.

We are joined by Mrs Eden, Head of History and Politics, who recently led a trip to Washington and New York, and Mrs Kershaw, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, who has led many trips to Europe and further afield over the years.

My co-host, Mr. Grant, also leads on some overseas trips and is off to Japan with a group of students later this year. Welcome Mrs. Eden and Mrs. Kershaw, and of course, Mr. Grant.

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